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National Nurse Practitioner Week Media Toolkit‏ from AANP

Posted almost 6 years ago by Michelle Rampersad

Nurse practitioners (NPs) across the country are preparing to celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week, November 10-16, 2013, and AANP has created an exciting opportunity for you to help raise awareness about the vital contributions NPs make to patient care. 

We’ve designed a national public service announcement (PSA) for you to share with television stations in your area.  The PSA will direct viewers to NPfinder.com in order to help patients locate NPs in their communities.

The PSA is based on the national public awareness campaign AANP launched to educate Americans about the critical resources NPs provide in today’s evolving health care landscape.   We developed a television spot that is running on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, along with a printed piece running in Roll Call and Politico, and radio segments that are airing on the two top talk radio stations in Washington, D.C.

We encourage you to reach out to media outlets in the coming weeks to urge them to air the PSA during and after National Nurse Practitioner Week, November 10-16, 2013. Doing so will help spread the word that NPs are a vital health care resource trusted by millions of Americans to meet their primary, acute and specialty health care needs.

To assist you in participating in this campaign, we have developed a toolkit with several resources that will help you communicate the critical role NPs play in today’s changing health care environment. These resources include the items linked below:

  • Letter to Stations Use this letter as a cover letter to urge media outlets to run the PSA and generate coverage of National Nurse Practitioner Week.
  • FAQs about NPs Include this fact sheet with your cover letter.
  • FAQs about AANP Include these FAQs with your cover letter as well.
  • Talking Points Familiarize yourself with these campaign talking points so that you are comfortable when reaching out to media outlets over the phone or via email. These talking points will help guide your conversation.

Please help celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week by participating in this important campaign. Together, we can make a difference!