Polk County Advanced Practice Nurses Association

***Extremely Important, Please Read involves Attendance at Meetings,

Posted over 8 years ago by Michelle Rampersad

Due to recent attendance at meetings we are instituting a new attendance policy. What is happening is that people are RSVPing and then not coming to the meetings but also not cancelling. When we have 40 RSVP’s for a meeting and only 20 come that makes us look bad so it was decided at tonights meeting that the following attendance policy would be put into place. First time you RSVP and don’t show or call will be ok, we all have life issues, the second time you will receive an e-mail notice and after the third time you will not be allowed to RSVP for meetings, you will have to call myself or Donna the day of the meeting to see if there is any availablility if so you will be allowed to attend. Sorry that this is having to go into effect but it makes us look bad to reps and is disrespectful to the group, especially with limited seating engagements.

Any questions please feel free to contact any of the Officers

Thank you for your attention to this,

PCAPNA Officers