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State Policy Update from AANP

Posted almost 6 years ago by Michelle Rampersad

March 29, 2013  

March Madness is more than just a college basketball phenomenon. Around the nation, a majority of state legislative sessions are eyeing the mid-session point, and some are already wrapping up for the year. In this climate, more bills are moved, timed out or defeated than during any other time on the state legislative calendar. Bills are turning quickly, and AANP members have responded just as fast. In addition to individual contacts to legislators, AANP members have sent over fourteen hundred AANP Advocacy Center messages to state legislators. It’s great to see such strong pro-patient, pro-healthcare support from the NP community.


Full Practice Authority (FPA) continues to be a big topic in state legislatures, policy circles and the press. This past month, we saw an additional twelve states take on this issue, and ten states remain in active play (with a few more states poised to introduce bills this spring). While patients in Kentucky and Minnesota will have to wait another year for improved access, other states continue to garner legislator interest. AANP encourages all NPs to know what Full Practice Authority will mean to them and their patients by reading the AANP at-a-glance issue brief here. Members are encouraged to watch their emails for specific bill updates and action requests in your state.

NPs continue to gather added stakeholder support in the call to right-size NP regulation and allow them to practice at their full potential. In the last two weeks, we’ve seen two strong papers released. The Federal Trade Commission issued another supportive advocacy filing. This one speaks to Connecticut’s legislation retiring the collaborative agreement and states that, “Absent a finding there are countervailing safety concerns regarding APRN practice, HB6391 appears to be a pro-competitive improvement in the law that would benefit Connecticut health care consumers.” Read the full FTC advocacy filing here.

The National Institute for Health Care Reform (NIHCR) published a report with recommendations on state practice laws and reimbursement for NP services. The report, Primary Care Workforce Shortages: Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Laws and Payment Policies, is available online at

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The “Doctor” Title and “Truth in Advertising” (TIA) Restrictions trend continues in statehouses. Fortunately, the majority of these bills have been defeated or amended to a point where they are unlikely to negatively impact patient care or professionals. Learn more about these bills through AANP’s issue brief, and visit the state updates page to see if there has been TIA action in your state.

Controlled Substance Prescribing could not be a hotter or more contentious issue at the state level this year. AANP’s state policy team has seen everything from the positive bills aimed at assisting providers identify patients at risk for diversion to aggressive bills that would have limited patient access by reducing or restricting NP prescribing authority. Examples of such disruptive bills are Tennessee’s SB976/HB1122, which were tabled this week. These bills would have added significant new physician supervisory requirements for APRNs prescribing controlled substances (Schedule II-IV). The bills would have made it unlawful for a nurse practitioner to prescribe schedules II, III and IV controlled substances unless such prescriptions were specifically authorized by the formulary or expressly approved after consultation with the supervising physician prior to the initial issuance of the prescription or dispensing of the medication. NPs and the patient care community were able to hold this bill from progressing, but Tennessee and other states continue to face similar legislation and regulatory moves to limit patient access. Please visit the State Legislation Tracking Center to see if similar legislation is proposed in your state.

WHAT’S GOING ON IN MY STATE? Everyday our staff covers the nation. Whether it is in the Northeast corridor where FPA bills are on the docket, the South where PT referral and radiology imaging bills have been in play, or clear out to the Pacific where Hawaii is removing barriers to care, AANP is working to keep you, your practice and your patients covered.

  • Visit the AANP State News page to find recent media publications on state practice laws and NP care.
  • Check out select State Updates on the AANP website.
  • Screen bill action for yourself. Simply log into your MyAANP account from the Legislation Tracking Center.
  • Make sure to catch the latest in state updates by reading AANP’s weekly E-Bulletin and watching your personal email for AANP advocacy activity in your state.

State Action by the Numbers

3420  Bills screened through the AANP state legislative tracker
44 States and DC in active state legislative session
33 States where AANP is or has engaged in legislative action since January 2013
10 States with full practice authority bills currently in play
6 States adjourned for 2013
1 State in pre-file
1 The number of NPs that it takes to make a difference in health policy (YOU!)
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